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Hanna L
Alabama (USA)

I know i have taken a longer time to come up with this,but its due to my sickness, if I must say,Rachel Re-united me and my step daughters in a wonderfull way I coulden’t wait to tell the story but I hope you are still there for others to get the experince and tell thank you very much, Rachel has been a wonderfull companion to us. We love her with all our hearts.

Karin H

Just want to give a big thanks to my baby whom I purchased from RETRIEVERS PET HOUSING. He is a very loved and appreciated addition to our family who is always giving us love and affection. This lovely boy is such a character. Thank you RETRIEVERS PET HOUSING for giving us such a wonderful blessing!

Sophia N

Glad to hear that the new pups are doing well and we are glad we finally got a dog from y’all she is a bundle of joy. RETRIEVERS PET HOUSING for life!!

Mark B,

Omelette and Dom are so alike…. reckon those 2 brothers are identical twins and not just from the same litter. Both Omelette and Stella have the best doggie life possible. Beaches, walks, swimming and socializing at doggie parks… yes, and plenty of cuddles, thought you were crazy when I was told they love cuddles… I now know you are right… cya !!!

Christina K

It was hard to believe a lost one could be replaced,but lulu has cover the gaps our late pug left us with we wish we could do a family donation to you for the good work,so every can feel the same way after passing through you we very much appreciate and wish you guys all the best.

Saudi Arabia

its been a hard to get thing,as we had been victims of rippoff like twice and my husband gave up already but his happinest was reinstalled when we meet RETRIEVERS PET HOUSING and own a pug of our own,its from then we learned never to give up our disires because of failures,thank you so much for the good and honest work.

Elvis P.

Thank you for the magnificent dog you provided to me. You run a very class act operation. I am always skeptical about purchasing the "runt" of any litter, but you guys definitely know what you're doing. Roony, fittingly named after Mickey Roony, just turned 4 months old and weighed in at 24.5 lbs. He is a very athletic, smart, energetic dog, but at the same time the most loving and friendly dog you will come across. Absolutely loves playing with kids and cuddling, but more than anything he just enjoys being outside, no matter what the weather. He has an amazing nose, loves to retrieve, and is going to be a pointer. Looking forward to the upcoming hunting season and thank you again!


I bought my dog Bailey from here. She has been one of the best dogs I have owned. She is very energetic but will be calm around my daughter. She is very obedient and was very easy to train. Is an excellent hunter and has a real good nose on her. Last year she started to point and also retrieves. I don't have anything bad to say about her. I would absolutely buy another dog from here. They were also great to work with while picking her out. I would recommend anyone who wants a good hunting/family dog to buy from RETRIEVERS PET HOUSING!